The most advanced domestic persimmon packaging line reconstruction project was successfully completed

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In September 2019, the renovation of the persimmon packaging line under the control of a large domestic supermarket group was successfully completed, marking the birth of China's first most advanced persimmon packaging line. The successful completion of this project is inseparable from the joint efforts of the team. The professional technical team of Daku uses rich logistics equipment and system experience, knowledge and creativity to customize the most suitable personalized solution for customers, helping customers to cope with the future. Challenge.
Automatic packing line
Testing Equipment
Persimmon conveyor line
The workshop was originally a single-line packaging, not all packaging links were concentrated on one assembly line. After the packaging assembly line was transformed, the single-line change loop was closed, and multiple processes such as sorting, inner packaging, weighing, outsourcing, and packaging were integrated on one packaging line. , Which greatly improves production efficiency.
Automatic sorting equipment
In the entire production process, with the use of automated equipment, the entire process has reduced manpower by half, while the efficiency of the entire system has doubled. After repeated programming and debugging by engineers, the conveyor system can perform automatic sorting and continuous packaging of persimmons according to different conditions.
Conveying equipment
The automatic packaging line was put into use, with a daily packaging volume of 30 tons and about 200,000 bags, which achieved the requirements of accurate product packaging and high-efficiency logistics. The success of the persimmon packaging assembly line reconstruction project has strongly promoted the development of local industries and expanded the influence of enterprises, at the same time promoted the development of modern processing and production technologies, and played a positive role in the development of agricultural products. In the future, Daku will continue to serve more and wider industries and customers in the role of "Logistics System Solution Expert", go hand in hand, seek common development, deepen cooperation and achieve a win-win situation!
The most advanced domestic persimmon packaging line reconstruction project was successfully completed